Project Description

Dr Gareth Price

Queensland Facility for Advanced Bioinformatics (QFAB)

Galaxy-Australia, the nationwide free bioinformatics toolshed and compute platform


Tuesday 3 July 2018

Gareth heads up the Computational Biology team at QFAB. Gareth joined QFAB early 2017 after nearly 15 years as a Genomics Scientist. He has been involved in experimental design, assay performance, data QC, data analysis and data interpretation from the days of early printed microarrays, to cartridge based GeneChips through to multiple Next Gen Sequencing platforms. These works have involved a variety of model organisms from microorganisms, fruit flies, mice to humans. At QFAB Gareth helps translate researcher’s biological queries into the systemic informatics language required for analysis. Gareth’s view is that biological research, clinical research, and healthcare are at their best when coupled with the most accurate, highest throughput and innovative technology and analysis. He uses this view to motivate the use of innovation to reduce the time between data generation and data summarisation and has taken on the role of Program Manager for the Genomics Virtual Lab project ( to help promote this important Australian resource to all life science researchers.

Galaxy Australia ( is a web-based platform for data-intensive biological research, supporting reference genomes, datasets and hundreds of tools for data transformation, analysis and visualisation. The platform is underpinned by compute infrastructure distributed across Australia allowing for user jobs to be assigned to the most appropriate resource to return a result in the shortest time possible. Users without programming experience can specify parameters, run tools and workflows. Galaxy also automatically captures information so that any user can repeat and understand a complete computational analysis. This service is free to use for any Australian researcher and supported by a dedicated helpdesk and online training material to help you get started. In this seminar, the new Galaxy Australia service will be presented along the latest features Galaxy has to offer.
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