Project Description

Dr Christopher Noune

Australian Genome Research Facility Ltd (AGRF), Brisbane

Next-generation sequencing – technology overview

Next generation sequencing & bioinformatics

Monday 2 July 2018

Christopher Noune is a technical officer from the Australian Genome Research Facility. He completed his undergraduate degree with honours in 2013 at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) working within the invertebrate and microbiology group on applying next generation sequencing to analyse Baculovirus strain diversity. In collaboration with the Cotton Research & Development Corporation, he continued this work into his PhD by developing a custom workflow to analyse viral quasi-species using ultra-deep amplicon sequencing, and assess biological performance of strains undergoing trait-specific selection pressures. Chris joined the AGRF in early 2018, and currently works as the project manager for the Microbial Diversity Profiling Service offered by the AGRF.

The “Next-Generation Sequencing” landscape is one of constant change, with new and emerging technologies competing with established methods and platforms. Chris talks about the sequencing technologies that currently dominate the sequencing landscape, as well as those that are poised to take over from them. In doing so, Chris will explain how each of the sequencing technologies works, and will give examples of projects that are suitable for each type of platform, as well as taking a look at what’s “next” in Next-Gen.