Project Description

Prof. Seokhee Hong

University of Sydney

Faithful visual analytics of big complex data

Bio-data analysis and visualisation

Thursday 5 July 2018

Seokhee Hong is a professor at the University of Sydney. She was an ARC Future Fellow, a Humboldt Fellow, ARC Research Fellow, and a project leader of VALACON (Visualisation and Analysis of Large and Complex Networks) project at NICTA.

Her research interests include Graph Drawing, Algorithms, Information Visualisation and Visual Analytics. She serves as a Steering Committee member of IEEE PacificVis (International Symposium on Pacific Visualisation) and ISAAC (International Symposium on Algorithms and Computations), and an editor of JGAA (Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications) and IEEE CGA (Compute Graphics and Applications).

Recent technological advances have led to big complex data models in many domains, including social networks and biological networks. Good visualisation can reveal the hidden structure of the networks and amplifies human understanding, thus leading to new insights and findings. However, visualisation of big complex networks is challenging due to scalability and complexity. This talk will introduce a new framework for Faithful Visual Analytics of big complex networks, and review latest methods for visual analytics of such networks including new quality metrics.