Project Description

Dr Christopher Brown

Australian Rivers Institute, Griffith University

Creating memorable data visualisations using the R programming language

Bio-data analysis and visualisation

Thursday 5 July 2018

Chris is a Discovery Early Career Research fellow at Griffith University’s Australian Rivers Institute. Chris works on the conservation of marine ecosystems and sustainable management of fisheries. His work brings ecological complexity to the planning tools used to inform decision making. His research applies both mathematical models and statistical analysis, using primarily the R programming language. He enjoys teaching R and his teaching resources are free and open-access.

Visualisations are a crucial aid for interpreting data and also for communicating research, yet too little attention is paid to teaching the skills required to create great visuals. This talk will cover how you can use the R programming language to build memorable data visuals. The R programming language is fast becoming the most powerful and flexible package for data analysis and visualization. We will start with the psychology of visuals, then cover how visuals can help you interpret your research and communicate your interpretation to others. Finally we will look at emerging trends in data visualisation and particularly how R can be integrated with web tools that can accelerate the dissemination of data visuals. Using the R program, you can build great visuals that will enhance the impact of your research, by helping other scientists, policy makers and the public understand remember and ultimately re-communicate your research.