Winter School

Mathematical, statistical and computational techniques are increasingly being applied to discover, analyse and simulate the structures and processes of biological systems. Gene regulation, protein folding and localisation, macromolecular assembly, tissue and organ development, organismal behaviour and ecosystem dynamics are among the important processes susceptible to mathematical description, modelling and simulation. A broad interface exists between computational bioscience and bioinformatics, the development and application of algorithms, software tools, databases and technologies to manage and extract knowledge from biological data.

The series of winter schools is designed to introduce bioinformatics, mathematical and computational biology to advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students, postdoctoral researchers and others working in the fields of biology, mathematics, statistics, computer science, information technology, complex systems analysis, and chemical and medical sciences and engineering.

Winter School is structured to present one important topic each day. Each day will consist of a mixture of extended lectures, software demos, and interactive discussions. Our lecturers, many of whom are leading national and international authorities, have been selected for their ability to make their topic accessible to and exciting for a non-specialist audience. Presentations each day will range from introductory to advanced, and will focus on both mathematical and biological issues.

This year Winter School also associates with a Software Carpentry  with R Bootcamp. The Bootcamp is hosted by Brisbane Software Carpentry. The bootcamp will run on Monday and Tuesday (10–11 July 2017) independently after the Winter School at St Leo’s College, College Road, St Lucia. Topics covered will include R , Unix shell and Git version control. Please visit the Software Carpentry with R Bootcamp’s website for more information and registration. Please note that this registration is a separate process from that of the 2017 Winter School registration.

Also, a special Genomics Virtual Laboratory training workshop will be run during the Winter School in the afternoon of Wednesday 5 July 2017. The workshop is intended for bench scientists, and no previous informatics experience is needed. This workshop is free to those registrants who registered to attend full 5-day of the Winter School and is limited to 36 places only. Please go to the 2017 Winter School Registration page for more information on how to register for this workshop.

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