Project Description

Prof. Seok-Hee Hong


Future Fellow
School of Information Technologies, University of Sydney

Big data visual analytics

Advanced bio-data visualisation

Thursday 7 July 2016

Recent technological advances have led to the production of a big data and complex networks in many domains. Examples include biological networks such as phylogenetic network, gene regulatory network, metabolic pathways and protein‐protein interaction networks. Other examples are social networks such as facebook network, twitter network, linked‐in network, telephone call network, citation network and collaboration network. Visualisation is an effective analysis tool for complex networks. Good visualisation reveals the hidden structure of the networks and amplifies human understanding, thus leading to new insights, new findings, new hypothesis and predictions. However, constructing good visualisation of big data is extremely challenging due to scalability and complexity.

This talk will present a framework for visual analytics of big data. Visual Analytics is the science of analytical reasoning facilitated by interactive visual interfaces. Our framework is based on the tight integration of analysis, visualisation and interaction methods. I will present a number of case studies using various networks derived from big data, in particular biological networks and social networks.

Professor Hong is a Future Fellow at the School of Information Technologies, University of Sydney. She was a Humboldt Fellow, and a project leader of VALACON (Visualisation and Analysis of Large and Complex Networks) project at NICTA (National ICT Australia). Her research interests include Graph Drawing, Algorithms, Information Visualisation and Visual Analytics. In 2006, she won the CORE (Computing Research and Education Association of Australasia) Chris Wallace Award for Outstanding Research Contribution in the field of Computer Science. Prof. Hong has more than 140 publications and she has given 50 invited seminars worldwide. In particular, she has developed an open source visual analytic software GEOMI with her research team. She serves as a Steering Committee member of IEEE PacificVis (International Symposium on Pacific Visualization) and ISAAC (International Symposium on Algorithms and Computations), and an editor of JGAA (Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications) and IEEE Compute Graphics and Applications. In particular, she has formed the Information Visualisation research community in the Asia‐Pacific Region, by founding IEEE PacificVis Symposium.