Online Lectures
Some lectures that were given at the Winter School are now available online.
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2005 Winter School Lectures
Satoru Miyano - How to model biological pathways with hybrid Petri net and its extension
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Christopher Savoie - Application of gene regulatory networks to pharmacogenomics
and human medicine
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John Mattick - Information in biological systems
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Perry Bartlett and Pankaj Sah - Cellular and synaptic plasticity in the nervous system
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Geoff Goodhill - Understanding the brain as a computational device
QuickTime 160MB
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Michael Breakspear - Unpacking the brain into wavelets
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Mandyam V Srinivasan - Small brains, smart computations: vision, navigation and
"cognition" in honeybees, and applications to robotics
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2004 Winter School Lectures are available from the Australian Mathematical Sciences
Institute (AMSI) web site.
Complex biological systems
Pattern analysis and data mining in biology
Computational modelling and visualisation of cells
Computational complexity



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