Infrastructure for genomics: workflows and visualisation – Michael Pheasant, Andrew Lonie

Genome research is a fast ‐ growing and computationally demanding research domain, characterised by bottlenecks in expertise which are compounded by lack of accessible analysis and visualisation infrastructure. The Genomics Virtual Laboratory is a new collaborative initiative aiming to connect genome researchers with massive datasets, sophisticated analysis and visualisation tools, and large ‐ scale computational infrastructure, supported by federal funding from the NeCTAR program plus co ‐ investment from a number of research institutes. At this early stage of development the GenomicsVL comprises a scalable workflow management system (Galaxy) and a bioinformatics toolkit (for command ‐ line users) implemented on the NeCTAR Research Cloud. Further development will add common workflows which can be used as templates, genomic data visualisation systems, local copies of important national and international reference datasets, and a science collaboration framework. The GenomicsVL is designed to scale to multiple locations and arbitrary cluster sizes and will be supported by training courses, outreach programs and end ‐ user support for subscribers.


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