Genomics infrastructure for NGS – Mark Crowe

As high ‐ throughput DNA sequencing continues to become cheaper and more widely accessible, the bottleneck in genomics research has now become one of bioinformatics rather than data generation. Some sequencing service providers and equipment manufacturers are attempting to address this by providing a range of analysis pipelines and resources, but ultimately most researchers using genomics technologies will need support and resources beyond these standard offerings.

To date, a common approach to meet these needs has been to recruit or train a bioinformatician into a wet ‐ lab research group. Increasingly though, the breadth of expertise needed to analyse genomics data sets and the fast ‐ moving pace of technology development in bioinformatics applications means that such ‘lone bioinformaticians’ will struggle to keep pace with best practice in analysis and data management.

In this presentation, I will highlight some of the infrastructure initiatives underway in Australia to improve access to bioinformatics capability and reduce the impact of this existing fragmentation of bioinformatics skills. These include the development of cloud ‐ based services, community ‐ building projects, biologist ‐ friendly bioinformatics tools, training programs and improved accessibility for Australian researchers to key international resources.


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