ARS-seq: high-resolution mapping and mutational scanning of autonomously replicating sequences – Uri Keich

DNA replication originsare essential for the genome duplication of every organism, yet their function and evolution remain poorly understood. The yeast ARS assay has been a crucial tool in mapping and dissecting replication origins. However, due to throughput issues, current knowledge of ARS function is anecdotal, as they are usually studied in small numbers. Despite three decades of investigation, even the S.cerevisiae dataset is incomplete and contaminated with false positives.

We have developed a straightforward suite of tools that generates a comprehensive, high‐resolution map of ARSs within a genome. Furthermore, using massively parallel mutational scanning, we can get single base resolution understanding of ARS function.

Joint work with Ivan Liachko, Rachel A. Youngblood and Maitreya J. Dunham from the University of Washington.


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