Project Description

Dr David Wood


Bioinformatics for a direct-to-the-public microbiome product

Next generation sequencing & bioinformatics

Monday 1 July 2019

Dr David Wood has over 10 years’ experience in bioinformatics in industry and academia. David is interested in the use and advancement of high-throughput genomics technologies in consumer products and public health. He is an author on over 30 scientific publications.

Microba is an early-stage company spun out of The University of Queensland, providing Australia’s first direct-to-consumer metagenomics microbiome test, and one of the first worldwide. In this talk I will discuss building and running Microba’s Metagenomics Analysis Platform (MAP), our industry-level fast-turnaround cloud-based bioinformatics platform transforming fastq to a customer-friendly microbiome report in sub 24hrs.