Project Description

Mr Ryan Wick

Monash University

Completing bacterial genomes using long sequencing reads: working towards the perfect genome assembly

Long read bioinformatics and applications

Tuesday 2 July 2019

Ryan Wick is a PhD student and research assistant in Prof. Kathryn Holt’s group at Monash University. His work mainly focuses on bacterial genome assembly with an emphasis on the use of data from Oxford Nanopore’s sequencing platforms. His broader academic interests include machine learning, metagenomics and phylogenomics.

Genome assemblers are tools which aim to reconstruct an original genome from sequencing reads. A ‘perfect’ assembler would take only reads as input and output a complete, error-free genome. This goal is usually impossible with short reads alone, but adding long reads from Oxford Nanopore sequencers brings it tantalisingly within reach. In this talk, I will describe the various ways genome assembly can fail and what researchers can do to achieve a perfect (or close to it) bacterial genome.