Project Description

Dr Zhiliang Chen


Global effort to sequence the Australian’s iconic animal – lessons from the koala genome

Long read bioinformatics and applications

Tuesday or Wednesday 2/3 July 2019 (to be confirmed)

Zhiliang holds a bachelor and a PhD in bioinformatics. During the years working with NGS data, she has extensive experience in different type of NGS data analysis, from the old days using 454, then moving onto Illumina, and then PacBio. When she was a postdoctoral researcher in the University of New South Wales, she involved in Koala Genome Consortium and assembled the koala genome almost single-handed. Zhiliang is currently a bioinformatics sales specialist at Illumina based in Australia.

The koala genome consortium sequenced the koala genome, producing the highest quality marsupial genome to date. This is the first marsupial genome sequenced and assembled using PacBio long-read technology and it provides insights of the advantage of using long-read technology to construct high quality genome, as well as solving traditionally hard to assemble regions in the genome.