Project Description

Dr Han Ming Gan

Deakin University

Nanopore and I

Long read bioinformatics and applications

Tuesday 2 July 2019

Han Ming Gan (Ming) is a Senior Research Fellow in Genomics at Deakin University Waurn Ponds Campus. He was previously a Senior Research Fellow and Genomics Facility Lab Manager at the Monash University Malaysia Sunway Campus.

Prior to his move to academia, he was a Field Application Scientist at ScienceVision SB, the sole distributor of Illumina products in Malaysia. Previously trained as a Molecular Microbiologist during his PhD, in order to keep up with the rapid pace of microbial genomics, he has picked up several computational biology skills through self-learning during his stint in ScienceVision SB. Armed with the knowledge in Illumina sequencing technology and computational biology, he has successfully set up two brand-new genomics labs (both still functional) from scratch in Monash Malaysia and Deakin University.

His current interests include long read sequencing (Nanopore) and finding practical solutions to improve genome assemblies through hybrid assembly (Illumina + Nanopore).

Recent advances in Nanopore long read sequencing technology have transformed the landscape of genomics, enabling the generation of substantially improved genome assemblies without significant capital investment. However, not all DNA’s are created equal and each Nanopore sequencing project appears to require different sets of molecular biology techniques and computational tools. Ming will share his experience on what works and what doesn’t in his lab, from data generation to genome assemblies.