Triplex Target Analysis Toolkit


At the heart of many modern biotechnological and therapeutic applications lies the need to target specific genomic loci with pinpoint accuracy. While landmark experiments demonstrate technological maturity in manufacturing and delivering genetic material, the genomic sequence analysis to find suitable targets lags behind.

We here provide Triplex-Inspector, a computational tool to aid the sophisticated design of sequence-specific ligands and selection of appropriate targets, taking gene location and genomic architecture into account.


Triplex-Inspector is a software pipeline based on Triplexator, which enables the screening of genomic sequences for sites that can be targeted by triplex-forming molecules.

The employed concept for the detection of putative genomic target sites and evaluation of potential off-targets is illustrated below.

Triplex-Inspector generates dynamic HTML reports that allows efficient data visualization and filtering based on Jquery Datatables and JSON objects, which are readily supported by many modern web-browsers.

Optionally, interactive circos plots are generated aggregating the rich data output into a high level summary that allows to quickly assess the outcome (click to enlarge).

For a hands on experience see the example.