A high quality data set of transcript confirmed, human, exons and introns

The data given here is the subject of the paper:

Francis Clark and T. A. Thanaraj,
Categorisation and characterization of transcript-confirmed constitutively and alternatively spliced introns and exons from human.
Human Molecular Genetics, (2002) 11(4) pp 451-464. (PubMed)

EBI site (including a web interface to the data)

The sequence and alignment data:

  • The gene data
  • The transcript data
  • The alignment data
  • The intron and exon flat and table files

  • Intron flat and table files
  • Exon flat and table files
  • Special groups of introns and exons
  • The alternatively spliced introns and exons

  • Cassette exons (cryptic and skipped exons)
  • Exon and intron isoforms
  • Intron retention
  • Other Data

  • Splice site distribution matrices
  • Polypyrimidine tract sequence data
  • Preliminary translations of alternative isoforms

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