The altExtron dataset

CURRENT DATASET, May 2005, based on GenBank 147

AltExtron is a high quality data set of transcript confirmed introns and exons for human and other organisms. The rational for its construction is the study of alternative splicing, but the data produced may be useful more generally.

The principle publication is:
Francis Clark and T. A. Thanaraj,
Categorisation and characterization of transcript-confirmed constitutively and alternatively spliced introns and exons from human.
Human Molecular Genetics, (2002) 11(4) pp 451-464. (PubMed)

And the dataset associated with this paper (based on GenBank 127) is here.
AltExtron has been associated with the ASD project ASD project

Data associated with the paper:

T. A. Thanaraj, Francis Clark and Juha Muilu,
Conservation of Human Alternative Splice Events in Mouse.
Nucleic Acids Research, 2003, May 2003, 31(10):2544-52. (PubMed)

can be found here.

last modified 9th June 2005