Triplex-Inspector Installation Guide

Triplex-Inspector Software Licence

The use of Triplex-Inspector is subject to the licence.


Triplex-Inspector has been incorporated into the Triplexator suite. It has been developed and tested on linux and mac osx equipped with Firefox. The workflow of Triplex-Inspector is outlined below (click to enlarge).

Triplex-Inspector relies on third party software for several tasks.
  • pipelining: Unix shell
  • sequence conversion and (parallel) processing: python v2.7 & biopython
  • data intersection: BEDtools v2.x
Additional third party software required for optional tasks:

Virtual Machine

In order to run the toolkit on a local machine, e.g. Laptop or PC you may want to save you the trouble of installing all dependencies and take advantage of the Virtual Machine Image.


The compressed package is available from:
  1. untar:
    >tar xf triplex_inspector-<version>.tar.gz
  2. change directory:
    >cd triplex_inspector-<version>
  3. adjust permissions:
    >chmod g+x
  4. run:
    >./ <parameter set>
Triplex-Inspector has also been added to the Triplexator sources.